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March 2013
  Jamie217, Apr 01 2013

Just a little late on the March updates... School and stuff is all piling up, still managed to have ok volume for March but didnt play fantastic at the beginning of the month. Towards the end of the month I was playing much better and the results started to turn around as well.

This is 90% 100nl zoom from two different computers

Winter is lasting a little too long up here in Canada this year but I finally got out for the first round of the year here, a little chilly but not too bad

For April the plan is to play 200nl zoom exclusively on Stars and FTP


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Jan 2013
  Jamie217, Feb 01 2013

At the end of the year I had to withdraw a fair amount of my BR for real life shit, so that left me with enough to grind 100nlzoom for Jan. 100zoom is incredibly soft and I started mixing in 200zoom a bit but kept running bad over short samples with a small roll so I kept having to stick to 100. Volume wise I did alright, mostly 4 tabling so 80k hands is ok but Feb is going to be a lot worse for volume

Going to Florida for a golf trip on Monday for a week and then Cuba on the 20th with a bunch of friends to an all inclusive resort so Im pretty pumped about all of that. Essentially it means I will only be playing poker for 12-14 days of the month though so hopefully 30k/40k hands would be nice but we'll see.

These stats are from my desktop and laptop so thats why there is a split



Superbowl on Sunday as well, everyone seems to be on San Fran so I might put some money on Balt....Whats everyone think?

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  Jamie217, Dec 01 2012

Well I guess this is a comeback of sorts, I started playing poker seriously again sometime last month after taking probably about 6 months off from playing.

Throughout October I worked my way up through 50 and 100nl zoom and this month I played mostly 200nl zoom. Zoom has more or less got me interested in poker again because I can feel focused on every hand on every table, and still get a fair amount of hands in.

I have actually been able to be motivated in poker again and focus on my game on and off the tables whereas that has been missing for the better part of a year or two. I have been lucky to be able to bounce ideas off a couple of great poker minds as well which has really been beneficial for my work ethic and mindset in general.
November 2012:

Throughout the summer I was able to work at a great golf course north of Toronto and probably played about 80 rounds (which is why my poker kind of took a back seat). My goal at the start of the summer was to get my 7/8 handicap down to a scratch. I did not make that goal but I did get down to a 2 handicap at one point and at this point in time I think I am a 3.
Some of the highlights from the summer was shooting a 70 on a par 72 6900 yard course and getting my first hole in one!
Hole in One:

Working on my swing plane:

I am hoping to test in for my CPGA card next summer and play some mini tour events as well. The biggest problem next summer is trying to balance poker and golf. For my golf program in school I have to work 500 hours at a golf course... so on top of working on my golf game I still have to find time to play poker 20/30hrs a month :s

I think it will be difficult to find the time to improve both my golf game and my poker game at the same time next summer but what is the point of taking the lazy easy route Done that before and it just doesn’t work..

Going to try and get 40k vpp in December so that I can get Supernova for next year (this is what I was talking about being lazy throughout this year). And then start the New Year off grinding a ton before the summer season kicks in again.
Good Luck! and if anyones on twitter give me a follow @JamieBreedon

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